The use of wood as a noble raw material is at the heart of the sophisticated chemistry that combines tradition and sustainability, innovation, design, durability and contemporary culture, style, luxury and elegance: A unique Italian tradition of building, with a global presence.

Certifications: The houses have certifications for hurricane category 5 resistance, antiseismic properties, protection against insects (with specific certifications for geographic characteristics.)

Integrated systems: Cables and all systems, including hydro, electric, and conditioning systems, are concealed within the wood panels for easy opening and closing.

Key advantage: The house is built entirely in Italy, ensuring quality control and supervision. This approach allows for closer oversight and active participation in site visits, direct communication with the construction team, and close monitoring of the project’s progress and execution. This hands-on involvement facilitates the prompt identification and resolution of any potential issues or errors prior to being shipped out.

Ideal partner:

  • Private individuals who desire to design and live in their ideal home.
  • Resorts, corporation and business seats, constructors.